Proof that Personalization Wins in Web 2.0 Marketing

This post was written by Greig on March 25, 2010
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Proof that Personalization Wins in Web 2.0 Marketing

Ok I just saw a commercial during the March Madness for GM where the CEO sat down like in a living room and talked to me like a real person, telling me I should buy American and support real people, that bankruptcy is a new beginning for them.

Good luck GM.

But the point is every big company is trying to look small and personal. Us entrepeneuers now have the advantage because we have always been and always will be small and personal. Social media is the killer platform of the future of marketing, not because of what it is, but because of this shift to small and personal being cool.

People want to buy from real people. They don’t want to buy from bug businesses, which is why GM is trying to look real and small. Good luck GM.

The irony is when the internet came out, we small businessess said this is going to level the playing field because we can look big, but Web 2.0 is about looking real and personal. Big is out, Business is out, people are in.

Social media is just the tool in the right place at the right time to capitalize on this fundamental shift in marketing away from big business. What do you think?

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