Facebook Fun & Profits Solved - Thanks to Mari Smith Facebook Expert

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Facebook Fun & Profits Solved, Thanks to Mari Smith Facebook Expert.

Getting ‘real’ updates from people that matter via social media often seems impossible
for us business networkers because there is so much ‘noise’ when you start to get a bigger network. Thanks to Mari Smith for the solution which I call the DNGB list which I am going to share today.

Twitter is worthless for staying in touch, even with Tweet Deck because the volume of communication is too frequent, nobody reads anything but their @replies anymore. Don’t miss quote me I luv Twitter, infact “Twitter Search” is going to kill Google (more on that next week) but I think I am the last person I know who still reads their DMs and nobody can really keep up with anybody’s Twitter updates.

So I began thinking, What if I started using Facebook to get status updates from only my real friends and that I would dump all my other contacts. Good thought, bad idea.

My Confession

Ok the truth is I wanted to follow certain business contacts in real time that I am looking to do JV deals with, not so much my friends, but as an awesome side benefit of cleaning out the clutter in my Facebook news bulletin I now can communicate with all of my real friends everyday on Facebook in just 15 minutes a day.

Facebook is fun again now that now that I am not just connected with, but actually interacting with old college buddies and high school classmates. I’m reminded why I started this all in the first place. My interpretation of the American dream is to make a living doing something that is fun and involves your friends like Facebook, which is why is why I cringe when people tell me Facebook is just for friends not for business. Facebook = Fun & Profits!

I aspire to do business with my friends in a meaningful and helping them way. I want my clients and prospects to become my friends in an equally real and helping them way.
If you are not living by this mantra and personalizing your business with Facebook it is a lose - lose proposition. You will lose the business you could of won from Social Media and you will lose existing business to a competitor who is being more real then you on Facebook.

Ideally I want to do JV deals with my friends all day long, IMHO working with friends is better then the “4 hour work week”. Click here to Read my previous blog post only if you want to know how to line your pockets from JV deals or if you need to know what a JV Deal is, it is explained in one simple picture (cartoon). Maybe come back when you finish this story.

Now I’ve always insisted that if you are in a business or a job search you should be an open networker, you should not limit your network to only certain contacts because you never know when a friend of a friend might discover you. You should not guess at a person’s intentions. You can not be affraid that someone will steal your contacts because they are all out there anyways for the taking. Just be real and deliver value, then none of your clients or customers will ever want to leave you.

So how do you decide who to cut out of your social media? Answer = You don’t.

I tried. First I cut out everyone who was over posting more then a few times a day, or worse yet feeding their Tweets into Facebook which was badly clogging up my FB news bulletin. Then I cut out everyone that was not talking ‘real’ or ‘personal’ 90% of the time, this includes the link pushers, the blog updaters, the article retweeters…even though some of them were interesting Facebook is not the place for trying to impress me with your content.

Someone is wrongly teaching that the way to succeed on Facebook is sending out updates with links to cool articles with the intention of “adding value”, which might work on Twitter but on Facebook people want friends, so keep your “value add” in your pocket, just be interesting by being real.

Of course if you ever promoted your own website in an update anyone on Facebook should drop you in a heart beat, that is a given. Many people will tell you to never plug your website on Facebook however I feel strongly that it is ok to plug your website only in a comment and only if it is pertinent or helpful to that specific discussion but it is seriously showing direspect for my time to plug your website, blog, or article, in your Facebook bulletin updates.

Truth is I didn’t really want to cut out any connections on Facebook because I do want them to get my updates and learn about me so the real solution Mari gave me was to “hide” my DNGB list from showing up in my news bulletin so I would only be recieving updates from people that really mattered for personal and business.

BTW if ANY of my connections sincerely started commenting on my posts and made some effort to be real friends I would welcome them over to my “cool” kids list but if they are not interested in conversation with me I am putting them on the DNGB list, which is Do Not Get Bulletin list anymore.

Here is how to to create a DNGB list so you can have fun and profits on Facebook in just 15 minutes a day.

There are 2 ways to edit your bulletin list. Thanks to my online friend and Facebook expert Mari Smith for sending me these by Twitter.

Mari Smith is my favorite Social Media expert because she will always answer your questions personally everytime. Connecting with customers is what social media is all about and Mari lives true to this. Ironically because Facebook limits you to 3000 friends Mari and I are not connected on Facebook, I guess I am on the waiting list for an opening, although Mari tells me Facebook will be expanding this maximum soon.

@GreigWells Oh sure thing!! In your Facebook News Feed, just click “Hide” when you mouseover that friend’s updates.

@GreigWells Another great way is to make Friend Lists (click Friends > Create New List), then drag & drop specific list to top on Home Page.

You can contact Mari on Twitter @MariSmith

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