Why you must form your own LinkedIn Group - For Job Seekers

This post was written by Greig on March 9, 2010
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Lets say you are trying to find a job as a VP of Operations in Manufacturing as my friend Dave is right now. Dave should form a group where leaders in Manufacturing can come together and talk about current trends and challenges in Manufacturing. This gives you 3 big benefits:

1. You have target audience in one easy to find place. You can listen in on what they are discussing and ask them questions to learn more about what there challenges are SO YOU CAN Postiion yourself as the solution. You can communicate with the group and brand yourself as a Thought Leader.

2. When you network with people in your industry you now send them an invitation to your group in addition to an invitation to connect which gives them a bigger incentive to connect with and improves your likelyhood they will connect with you. The more connections you have in your niche the better as you then get access to all of their connections and they can find you when they are hiring.

3. You can brand yourself offline as the “Founder of the Assocation of {Insert Group Name} This will have some presitge to it and can also be a great way to show you are still active in the industry if you are not currently working you can list this on your resume as what you are currently doing.

4. You should be in 50 groups, the max LinkedIn allows. Join all industry groups, regional groups, job seeker groups, and power networking groups.

How are you using LinkedIn groups?


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