Why you must form your own Group - For Business

This post was written by Greig on March 13, 2010
Posted Under: LinkedIn For Business

Forming your own narrowly defined group is the #1 strategy for converting contacts into sales on LinkedIn. This strategy is explained in detail in my free video on this blog “Creating a Targeted Sales Funnel”

Here is an example to apply to your business.

I offer home based recruiter training, so I formed a group for people that want to learn about STARTING a home based recruiting business. Anyone that joins the group is a slam dunk sales lead for me. I can also communicate will all of the group member regularly and I am positioned as an expert as the founder and host of the group. Whener I communicate with someone on LinkedIn I drive them to this group and promote my group link url. If you promote your own domain name you will get in trouble as a spammer on LinkedIn but oyu can promote a LinkedIn group all day and invite your contacts to join your group 200 at a time.

How are you using LinkedIn groups?


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