WARNING: How I lost all of my 6000 Twitter followers

This post was written by Greig on April 1, 2010
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WARNING — 4/1/10


There are so many applications to go with Twitter, the Tweetdeck, TwitPwr, Tweetlater, the lsit goes on and on.

I thought I had discovered one application that was really cool, called “SocialToo”

Socialtoo had several nice fatures:

1. It allowed me to automatically follow back people who were following me on Twitter, (a huge time saver)
2. It blocked out DMs coming from people who were clogging my inbox
3. It would send me stats with the number of unfollows I had each day & tell me which Tweet caused them to unfollow me.
4. It would automatically unfollow anyone who decided to unfollow me.

This last one is where the problem started.

How this works it Socialtoo using the Twitter API to take a snap shot of your followers on today and then tomorrow it takes another snap shot of your followers and then the technology compares the two images.

Well somehow yesterdays snap shot showed got screwd up because the servers were overloaded at Twitter and the snap shot showed that I had zero followers so when it compared that snap shot to today the Socialtoo system automatically unfollowed all of my followers and I lost all 6000 of my followers in one second.

I tried to call Socialtoo to ask them if there was a way to restore my followers and they said there was nothing they could do that “these things happen”.

While this is an April Fools story, the Moral of the story is NEVER USE AN APPLICATION TO AUTO UNFOLLOW OR THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.

To quote my Social Media Mentor Perry Belcher: “Please leave me a comment so I know your still alive?”


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