On LinkedIn, is it possible to block certain contacts?

This post was written by Greig on February 11, 2010
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On LinkedIn, is it possible to block certain contacts is a question that comes often with job seekers and entrepreneurs.

The answer no.

What people want to be able to do is block certain emails addresses or block everyone from a certain domain such as all emails from @myemployer.com but LinkedIn does not offer this.

LinkedIn should add this feature because it is common functionality that all major job boards give you and so does Facebook. On Facebook you can control each individual section of your profile to maintain your privacy comfort level, on LinkedIn you can make your profile private but this would apply to everyone or else not at all, which makes LinkedIn’s privacy attempts worthless because it would defeat the whole purpose of being on LinkedIn.

Unlike a job board, just being on LinkedIn does not make a true indication that you are looking for a job. People build their network on LinkedIn more many reasons, so you could just as well be active on LinkedIn in an effort to build up more resources to a better job in your current job so there is some safety in this.

LinkedIn has been slow to adapt new functionality but does a good over the long term of meeting the needs of the user community so I would look for LinkedIn to add thie feature by the end of 2010.

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